Enabling informed clinical decision-making through quality diagnostics in the right place, at the right time.

Novacyt is a leading global diagnostics company. We protect people and society in the fight against infectious diseases by developing tests that accurately detect infections, allowing us to help safeguard people and public health. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop solutions that target high unmet needs in infectious diseases and our agility in responding to significant outbreaks around the world with diagnostic products and solutions.

We can do all this thanks, in part, to our intelligence-driven approach which guides our research, development and innovation, allowing us to remain ahead of the curve and at maximum preparedness for invisible threats both today and in the future.

We safeguard lives from invisible threats

Near-patient testing

Our solutions bring diagnostics closer to patients where they are needed most, supporting decentralised testing.

Scalable, fast, molecular diagnostics

Our PROmate® assays provide rapid results within 80 mins from swab to completed qPCR for multiple samples.

Agile & versatile

Using technical expertise to detect a broad range of pathogens; Respiratory, gastrointestinal, transplant and insect-borne.

Exceptional customer & technical services

Our services don’t stop at the products themselves. Our customer services and field application support teams are part of the Novacyt solution, ensuring you get maximum value from our products.


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Novacyt strives to tackle high unmet needs in diagnostics with customer focused solutions. Our broad product portfolio and continual innovation enable us to remain prepared and ready to react quickly to new and changing customer needs and priorities. Our speed and agility also enable us to deliver critical products and solutions for significant outbreaks, as demonstrated in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and prior outbreaks including Zika, H1N1 (swine flu) and Ebola.


We are committed to being first or fast in the global fight against infectious diseases and are proud to have provided the first CE-marked test for COVID-19, followed by additional COVID-19 solutions including our proprietary direct-to-pcr PROmate COVID-19 2G designed to detect two SARS-CoV-2 targets. We are a trusted provider of diagnostic tests to health systems, private providers and non-governmental organisations.

Intelligent Innovation

Our products are researched and developed using a customer insights and market-led approach. We use intelligence, data and analysis to track emerging threats to be in a position to offer exactly what healthcare professionals, governments, individuals and organisations need, when it’s needed most.

We are informed by our life sciences expertise, scientific relationships and global surveillance systems. Identifying trends means we can allocate resources ensuring we have reliable solutions to meet expected demand.