Why partner with Novacyt?

Novacyt is constantly driving innovation to develop new products and technologies in the field of human infectious diseases diagnostics and screening.

Our Business Development team work with academic and industry partners to accelerate the development of technologies at different readiness levels, into innovative diagnostic products.

Current portfolio

We are interested primarily in technologies applied to human infectious disease diagnostics and screening, and adjacent markets.

  • Respiratory
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Transplant
  • Insect-borne diseases

Future interests

We are also considering additional unmet needs in infectious diseases including sexually transmitted infections (STI), urinary tract infections (UTI), hospital acquired infections, meningitis/encephalitis and sepsis.

Partnership case studies

Company A specialises in the development of high precision liquid handling robotics and software for life science research. Novacyt has partnered with them to define, develop, and deliver novel automation solutions for molecular IVDs. The partnership resulted in an accelerated product development pathway and both companies are benefitting as Novacyt leverages its global commercial reach to deliver a platform technology delivering new decentralised workflow solutions to the market.

Company B has partnered with Novacyt in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the companies collaborating on products, sold under the Novacyt brand. Novacyt has supported Company B in demonstrating product quality and performance in clinical evaluations and helped them access global markets utilising Novacyt’s expertise in registration and approval of IVD products. Novacyt continues to support Company B in product development and optimisation.

Company C has developed a novel sensor and portable reader for the detection of small organic molecules. Novacyt has partnered with the company to re-purpose the technology as a novel biosensor that can be utilised as an IVD platform. Partnering with Novacyt has helped them develop products and access the global IVD market.

If you would like to explore collaborating with Novacyt our Business Development team would like to hear from you. We are interested primarily in technologies applied to human infectious disease diagnostics and screening and adjacent markets.

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