Revolutionising your testing with exsig™ COVID-19 Direct


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All departments have been working tirelessly to find an innovative solution following the bottle-neck of scarce raw materials that clinicians require to test.  SARS-CoV-2 is a continuing pandemic and the demand for the hard to source raw materials continues to be a challenge for many laboratories.

Here at Primerdesign we are fully focused on supporting global efforts in the fight against this deadly disease.  Early and accurate diagnosis is pivotal in disease control.  We are incredibly proud to have developed a novel, proprietary chemistry to help during this critical time.  We are pleased to offer a NEW range of pre-analytical solutions with exsig™.   In particular, exsig™ COVID-19 Direct which offers a complete workflow solution that includes sample preparation and qPCR reagents.  This provides all the necessary reagents for a diagnostic result with reduced sample processing time, whilst offering class-leading levels of sensitivity.



“This product offers a simplified workflow that reduces sample processing time and offers laboratories the ability to vastly increase their screening for SARS-CoV-2”  

Dr. Paul Oladimeji, Head of Product Development.


exsig™ COVID-19 Direct is the first of the exsig™ range, a rapid and simplified method that enables you to get the most out of your sample to provide you with great quality and trustworthy results. The product then allows you to fully test your samples offering an all-in-one solution for all.


exsig™ COVID-19 Direct Product Features

• Total workflow solution
• All reagents and components provided from start to finish
• Rapid protocol with fewer handling steps
• For use with dry swabs/PBS.
• Viral inactivation; Preparation, Amplification, Diagnosis
• Total chemistry optimisation
• Low shipping costs with ambient shipping
• Includes our genesig® Real-Time PCR Coronavirus COVID-19 (CE IVD)

exsig™ COVID-19 Direct is available to order with our genesig® Real-Time PCR Coronavirus COVID-19 (CE IVD) to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic that will allow patients to be diagnosed faster.

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