Our Master Mixes vs Competitors – Everything you need to know about our Master Mixes!

Welcome to our latest blog! If you are reading this and want to learn more about our high-quality master mixes, you have come to the right place! 

Our ISO approved master mixes provide unique enzyme/buffer combinations that allow you to get the best from your testing.  Whether you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective testing process or if you require a one-step quick solution, our master mixes are developed to suit you and your testing requirements. We provide a variety of pack sizes in 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, and 20ml packs at unbeatable prices, so if you are a small one-man-band or you’re testing in larger quantities we have volume sizes to match your research requirements.  Our kits are manufactured according to ISO standards. Our wet master mixes that guarantee superior quality data shipped all over the world,  to make sure they are stable we offer plenty of dry-ice throughout the duration of transit, so if you are further afield from the UK like the hottest place on earth we can still help! Want to see for yourself what our master mix is like?  Email us at enquiry@primerdesign.co.uk to order a sample.

Find out what people say about our master mixes?

« Here at Rossdales we switched to using Primerdesign’s PrecisionFAST master mix a couple of years ago. Whilst trailing it alongside the master mix we used at the time we found it had equivalent performance, was very user-friendly as it didn’t form air bubbles in the tube whilst mixing, and was at a better price point. »

« I have never done PCR but needed this done urgently for a paper. Primerdesign was just fantastic in helping me through everything from providing the necessary kits but most importantly all the technical help to guide me through it. »

PrecisionPLUS® qPCR Master Mix

High quality, robust master mix at an exceptionally low cost,  our unique formulation offers a bigger signal to noise ratio, brighter, steeper and precise amplification plots.  The core components are a hot-start Taq polymerase enzyme with a magnesium chloride-based buffer. Stablilisers and preservatives ensure that multiple freeze-thaw cycles do not affect performance.  Our PrecisionPLUS master mixes contain high fidelity enzymes which will provide accurate quantitive measurements for qPCR.

Product features

  • Huge cost saving
  • Precise reproducible results
  • High-efficiency enzyme – superior quality data
  • Supreme stabiliser and preservative robustness
  • Available for all qPCR machines – CLICK HERE to find out which master mix you need for your qPCR instrument
  • SYBR Green dye can be added free of charge 
  • Inert blue dye can be added free of charge

PrecisionFAST® qPCR Master Mix

This range of master mix is ultra-fast and cost-efficient mix allowing you to benefit greatly to one of the best products on the market. If you are looking for fast results, check out our PrecisionFAST range which provides an ultra-fast enzyme for qPCR data in as little as 40 minutes!  This range provides rapid cycling protocols to shorten run time so it’s great if you are running on a tight schedule or need the results quickly.  The Taq polymerase used in our PrecisionFAST master mixes presents an alternative binding site with a higher affinity for DNA and therefore faster processivity.  The buffer within this range is designed for optimum sensitivity which will also allow you to reduce any chances of getting those dreaded primer dimers which are a common occurrence within fast processing enzymes.  

Product Features

  • Ultra-fast enzyme
  • qPCR data in 40 minutes
  • Superior buffer allowing optimum sensitivity
  • Minimises primer dimer formation
  • Available for all qPCR machines – CLICK HERE to find out which Master Mix you need for your qPCR machine
  • SYBR Green dye can be added free of charge
  • Inert blue dye can be added free of charge


Our PrecisionFAST® qPCR Master Mix vs Competitors

PrecisionPLUS® OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix

Our PrecisionPLUS OneStep master mix is a convenient, one-step, closed tube reaction which means reduced set up/handling time as well as reduced risk of contamination. Our optimised rapid protocol includes a 10 minute RT step. Our PrecisionPLUS OneStep master mix is recommended for RNA pathogen detection, all that is required is to add primers and template for a perfect real-time PCR reaction.

This kit contains a higher fidelity Taq enzyme which further reduces the possibility of primer dimer formation. In addition, we have switched from a chemical hot-start Taq to an antibody modification in PrecisionPLUS OneStep enabling the reduction of the enzyme activation time resulting in shorter run times. As a consequence, you will see the same or better data, in a shorter time frame, so this master mix range is great if you need high-quality data quickly.

Product Features

  • Simple one-step process
  • Reduces the risk of contamination
  • Ideal for RNA pathogen detection
  • Rapid Protocol – includes 10 minute RT step
  • SYBR Green dye can be added free of charge
  • Inert blue dye can be added free of charge
  • Available for all qPCR machines – CLICK HERE to find out which Master Mix you need for your qPCR machine


Our PrecisionPLUS® OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix vs Competitors


TRY for FREE! If you would like to increase the visibility of your experiments in facilitating improved pipetting and enabling you to track the loading of tubes or plates ask for inert blue dye with your master mix order. We offer complimentary blue dye with your order upon request so you can get the best out of your testing.  Our blue dye can be ordered with our master mix and used with all qPCR machines.  

Oasig™ Lyophilised qPCR Master and oasig™ Lyophilised OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix

Additionally, we provide a range of equivalent master mixes in a lyophilised format for shipping and storing at ambient temperatures. 

Product Features

  • Precise and reproducible results
  • No cold chain shipping
  • One product works perfectly will qPCR machines

Want to learn more about our lyophilised master mixes? CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions on any of our master mixes or would like a quote please email us at enquiry@primerdesign.co.uk.

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