PROmate® COVID-19 Assays

Complete near patient workflow for detection of COVID-19 (1 gene or 2 gene) using the q16/q32 instruments.

Our products and solutions are designed to work in combination with one another to provide fully integrated, near-patient workflows, taking scalable diagnostics closer to the front line.

See how PROmate works in our near-patient workflow solutions here.

  • Simple one pipetting step protocol speeds up the process of samples and limits chances of mistakes
  • Prefilled reagents: limit contamination and simplify process
  • From swab to completed qPCR and result as quickly as within 80mins
  • Protocol that enables use without the need for a CAT2 lab

Product Information

Product NamePROmate® COVID-19 (q16) 1GPROmate® COVID-19 (q32) 1GPROmate® COVID-19 (q32) 2G
Product CodeD00068D00070D00074
Pack Size969696
Sample TypeDry nasal swabsDry nasal swabsDry nasal swabs
Time to Result63 mins63 mins79 mins
Limit of Detection0.96 copies/μl0.96 copies/μl0.4 copies/μl
StoragePack 1 Ambient, Pack 2 FrozenPack 1 Ambient, Pack 2 FrozenPack 1 Ambient, Pack 2 Frozen