Our products and solutions are designed to work in combination with one another to provide fully integrated, near-patient workflows, taking scalable diagnostics closer to the front line.

PROmate® is Novacyt’s proprietary innovation that makes real-time PCR accessible to everyone, everywhere. With Novacyt’s other innovations, such as the VersaLab, CO-Prep, and genesig® q instruments, PROmate can provide rapid turnaround PCR testing on-site, using the gold standard sensitivity and specificity of PCR technology to create a near-patient total workflow solution.

PROmate COVID-19 assays are a total workflow solution, inclusive of sample preparation using the CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System, qPCR amplification and analysis on the genesig q16 and q32 instruments. They are specifically designed for the detection of an active SARS-CoV-2 infection, or to show previous infections of COVID-19.

Sample collection to results as quickly as within 80 minutes

Anterior nasal sample collection

The PROmate COVID-19 assays utilise a simplified workflow

  • Only one pipetting step required
  • Sample inactivation occurs in the sample preparation buffer, allowing total flexibility to prepare the samples inside or outside of a Class II Biosafety Cabinet
  • Supports testing both in central laboratories and in a decentralised setting

The CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System can be used to automate manual pipetting steps associated with the set-up of Novacyt Primer Design qPCR assays

  • Ideal for use in busy laboratories and for private healthcare providers performing molecular qPCR assay testing
  • Enables users to automate or de-skill their workflows. Automating pipetting steps can improve pipetting accuracy and reproducibility and reduce the risk of contamination
  • Delivers vital walk-away time supporting completion of additional tasks within the laboratory

The genesig range of qPCR instruments offers two different models to meet your individual needs

  • The genesig q16 is a robust, lightweight, portable, real-time PCR instrument, making it ideal for decentralised testing, where testing needs to happen closer to the patient. With up to 16 samples per run it is perfect for small to medium sample throughput
  • The genesig q32 offers a higher sample throughput and additional channels for multiplexing capabilities

Please enquire for more information. We are exploring how our innovative PROmate technology can be applied to other pathogens – to bring our diagnostic expertise to a broader range of infectious diseases.

Mobile molecular diagnostic solutions, taking testing closer to patients

The VersaLab® solution is designed to provide easy and accessible near-patient diagnostic solutions, away from centralised labs.

VersaLab Mobile Processing Laboratory

VersaLab was initially designed to support COVID-19 testing, combining all the benefits of our PROmate assays, CO-Prep liquid handling and qPCR instruments in a mobile, near-patient facility.

However VersaLab is evolving for use for other diagnostic purposes; for example it can include a Class II biosafety cabinet and extraction facilities, providing a versatile solution meeting needs for near-patient diagnostic testing across different disease areas.

The VersaLab Mobile Processing Laboratory can be customised to meet individual requirements with options for larger freezer capacity, installation of a Class II biosafety cabinet, external awning or a generator for power in remote locations.

Key Benefits

  • CO-Prep, PROmate and genesig qPCR instruments work seamlessly in a streamlined workflow making testing more efficient and cost effective
  • Results as quickly as within 80 minutes, without the need of a CLII Lab
  • Quick and easy sample processing without requirement for a highly trained technician
  • Accommodates at least two workstations
  • Can process up to 900 COVID-19 samples per day
  • Deliver same day, on-site results using the gold standard sensitivity and specificity of PCR technology

VersaLab Portable

Rapid COVID-19 testing unit using the gold standard sensitivity and specificity of PCR technology anytime, anywhere.

  • 8-piece standard equipment for the PROmate and genesig q16 workflow packed neatly in a robust peli case, along with a vortex mixer and manual pipette to enable easy, accurate and rapid COVID–19 testing on the go for near-patient testing
  • Closer to patient testing solutions – all you need is a table and power outlet

Compatible with

The VersaLab portable is compatible with genesig chemistries or PROmate COVID-19 (q16) workflows.

End-to-End Consultation

  • Tailored solutions based on the needs and the size of your organisation, bringing gold standard PCR technology out of centralised laboratories so that testing can be closer to patients
  • Includes varying levels of PCR testing, depending on your requirements
  • Supports private sector testing of infectious diseases, initially focussed on COVID-19

Please enquire for more information.