PathFlow® Norovirus

The PathFlow Norovirus Cassette provides rapid test results allowing for improved decision-making abilities; improving patient management and outcomes. Swift norovirus identification and detection is pivotal for the prevention and management of outbreaks; especially in a clinical/healthcare environment.

  • Complete system, no additional reagents required
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Rapid result offered after 15 minutes or within 20 minutes
  • In-built procedural control
  • Can be used with both solid and liquid faecal specimens
  • Simultaneous testing for genogroups 1 & 2
  • Point-of-care ICD test

Product Information

Product NamePathFlow® Norovirus
Product CodeM596CE
Pack Size25
Sample TypeFaecal
Time to Result15 - 20 mins
Limit of Detection6.25ng/ml for genogroup 1 and genogroup 2