CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System

The CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System is designed to eliminate manual pipetting processes necessary for sample setup when using qPCR assays from Novacyt’s molecular assay portfolio. Automation of pipette-based procedures delivers vital walk-away time to support the completion of additional tasks within the laboratory.

Our products and solutions are designed to work in combination with one another to provide fully integrated, near-patient workflows, taking scalable diagnostics closer to the front line.

See how CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System works in our near-patient workflow solutions here.

  • Frees up operator time to do other tasks
  • Supports consistent accuracy of pipetting
  • Removal of repetitive pipetting process
  • Easy to track patient samples from swab to result on the qPCR machine
  • Integrated UV light feature supports reduced risk of contamination

Product Information

Product NameCO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System
Product CodeM00050
Pipette TipsSpecific robotic 50 µl filter tips
Pipetting VolumeFixed 5 µl
Systematic Error+/- 0.125 µl
Random Error+/- 0.075 µl
Compatible ChemistriesPROmate COVID-19 (q16)

PROmate COVID-19 (q32)
Run Time
Automated set-up of 14 samples and negative control on q16 magazineLess than 6 minutes
Automated set-up of 30 samples and negative control on q32 magazineLess than 12 minutes
Physical Characteristics
Weight16 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h - door closed)452 x 405 x 365 mm
Dimensions (w x d x h - door open)452 x 405 x 598 mm
ConnectivityEthernet port


USB 2.0 & 3.0